Monday, March 10, 2008

WHO WANTS TO BE 100? Anyone who's 99

The Theatre Poster

The Circa Theatre on the Waterfront
While we have been in Wellington the 2008 International Arts Festival has been in progress. This has given us several unusual art shows, legitimate theater, fringe theater, music, and community events to attend, if we wish. The last live theater play we attended, just prior to our trip, was the Great American Trashy Trailer Park, or some name close to that. With that play of deep philosophical import, we sure should attend the local play named above. We figured we would fit in better.
With such a title the sold out crowd was certainly silver haired (oh how I wish I had some hair). The play was written by a noted New Zealand playwright, Roger Hall, who seems to be highly recognized in New Zealand. There are only seven professional theaters in New Zealand and at least three of them seem to be in Wellington. When you consider that there are only 4 million people in the country (less than Washington State), it is a tight community whatever your avocation is. By the way, Washington State has 6,395,795 citizens, less two who are temporarily in New Zealand.

The play has six actors, two who are women and cleverly play several roles each. The four old geezers are all in the Regina Rest Home and that is where we saw all their problems and adventures. It was a comedy but with a social side of the problems of the seniors with a stroke, Alzheimer’s, broken hips, uncaring staff, and the problems of the spouses who have interred their husbands into the home. Roger Hall has obviously spent some time studying retirement homes. The actors were superb and all in all it was a very worthwhile evening. For a look at the theater, previews and reviews:

Quirky Clever Idea: The other day when I was waiting in a hotel lobby for a Rotary meeting (you know I am always the first to arrive), I was reading the coffee table advertising literature. It was about the Copthorne Christchurch Central Hotel “Suitosaurus” room. Now what is a suite-o-saurus room? The card described it as New Zealand’s first Dinosaur themed family room complete with bunk beds, complimentary milk and cookies, and toys for the kids. They say the room provides endless entertainment options with bean bags, DVD player, toys, a large chalk-board, and coloring books. The room includes a small kitchenette with washing machine, microwave and cutlery. Back in the days of those road trips with the kids, this would have been quite a draw!

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