Sunday, March 23, 2008

How is the Blog Doing?

Tom beside the mm

I have never been someone who “journals” or who kept a diary. Writing for the blog is, however, somewhat like that. I admit I really do enjoy it, and knowing I will be writing, makes me much more observant about our travels. The Tom Off The Bench blog also has married me daily to the laptop. The subject matter of the postings also have become the subject matter of other articles that I have, and will be writing, for those publications that are kind enough to print my observations and opinions.

What does amaze me is how many people read it on a daily or weekly basis. At the bottom of the blog, if you scroll all the way down there, you will see a sitemeter logo. Click on the logo and you will be sent to another page where there are all sorts of categories describing the visitors. It is fun for me to see who visited on a weekly basis, and then go to the location pages to see where they are from. You can also bring up the maps and see the visitors graphically around the U.S., or the world.

Last year, while living in Mexico, I posted 52 articles over the approximate 12 weeks we were in San Miguel de Allende, or traveling to or from. From the start of the blog until I wrote this posting there have been 1082 visits. Of that number, 379 have visited during the time we have been in New Zealand. I know there are a lot of hits that come from people who are just interested in other people’s blogs, and enter by searching This became apparent when reviewing the locations of where the visitors were from. I certainly do not know people in all of those locations! A sample of the countries over the past 100 hits has included:

Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Panama, Turkey, New Zealand,
Indonesia, Netherlands, United States, Spain, Japan, Italy, Brunei, Canada,
India, Australia, Portugal United Kingdom, Israel, Romania, France, Ukraine,
Chile, Poland, Hong Kong, Myanmar (Burma)

On the “by Location” section it also gives you the city of where in the country the visitor was from. It is fun to see, so check it out. See you on the blog!

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