Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Newtown Festival Fair Day

Kids at the Fair

When in different cities I am always picking up the free weekly newspapers and checking them for interesting things to do. Wellington has three such tabloids. I have previously mentioned the Capital Times. The other two are the Wellingtonian and Older & Bolder-Lifestyle newspaper for the 50+. Now this last one, I did pick up, but it was just for academic purposes. While we have been here in Wellington, their International Arts Festival has been going on. Some things you just accidentally participate in, like walking through the Gay & Lesbian concert on the waterfront. We intentionally went out to the Newtown neighborhood street fair, which was well advertised in the Wellingtonian.

Newtown is a residential neighborhood south of the central downtown. They close off their business streets and put on a one day street fair. We spent a couple of hours checking out their sales booths, food stalls, and entertainment. They had five different stages of entertainment presenting everything from rap to rock, with synchronized group dancing thrown in. A lot of people ate a lot of junk food which was probably not too good for their health. The whole event resembled similar U.S. events. For their schedule and a chance to sign up a booth for next year their website is http://www.newtownfestival.org.nz/.

As we were shopping the booths, we realized that anyone you talk to immediately identifies you as an American. Hmm, must be the good looks. The second thing that comes up in any conversation with a Kiwi, is a question about your opinion of the U.S. presidential primaries. The New Zealanders are fascinated with the primary races and want your opinion on it all. We are of course so shy we would never give our opinion about politics. Hah!

Quirky Living Note: It seems all the blokes in New Zealand seem to drink beer, and maybe (surely) lots of it. So to be “with it”, I have been trying various Kiwi beers. I have had Steinlager, Monteiths, Export Gold and Tui. During the next few weeks I will try my best to work my way through an incredible array. Driving down from Napier we drove by the World Headquarters for Tui. Take a look at their fun website. It will give you a lot of options and pleasure. http://www.tui.co.nz/

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