Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The San Miguel Experience

Personal Note: How did we decide on a 10 week stay in San Miguel de Allende? We had long ago decided that instead of buying a destination time share condominium or a home at a foreign resort (for goodness sake we live in a resort town) we would plan to spend part of each spring or winter at a different destination somewhere in the world. Many of our world travels have partially been motivated by the desire to check out places where we might like to live for a few weeks or months during some of the cold times in Chelan. About 20 years ago we did a central Mexico driving trip with our children that included Guadalajara, Patzcuaro, San Miguel de Allende, and Guanajuato. We just loved San Miguel and we now have returned.

Geography Note: San Miguel de Allende is in the high plateau and hills of central Mexico known as the Colonial District. It was designated as a national monument in 1926 by the Mexican government to preserve the historic architecture and cobble stoned central district. Modern construction is prohibited and crumbling old buildings are restored. The city is 171 miles north of Mexico City and the bigger nearby cities are Leon and Queretaro which are respectively 65 and 40 miles west and east of San Miguel. The altitude is 6100 feet and the population is 65,000 plus. The average high and low temperature is 78/50 in March and 81/54 in April. Other colonial cities nearby are Guanajuato and Dolores Hidalgo, which are both good for a visit. Most people fly into the Leon/Guanajuato airport. San Miguel is known for its art and culture and has attracted a large resident population of Americans and Canadians. Many travel magazines rate San Miguel as one of the top travel destinations in the world.

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