Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just How Cute Can You Be?

Friday – Week 4: Today was designated preparation day for the Boyd’s arrival. Mary Ann planned to do some cooking for the weekend. It also was Betti’s day for the weekend cleaning, so we vamoosed in the morning. We have been enjoying a morning coffee at Café Montenegro and then went wandering. This is risky business! The risk was wandering into a shop that Mary Ann had previously really, really liked some Mexican ceramic canisters. On our previous visit the salesman had obviously spotted a real buyer, as he had set them in a cupboard so they would not be sold to someone else. Now that she has seen something like 10,000 pieces of pottery over the last three weeks, it was just a case of presenting the credit card. So, they could be safely wrapped and boxed, for easy delivery in what surely will be the two and a half ton truck returning to Chelan, Tom the burro was sent back in the afternoon to carry the box up the mountain.

After helping the San Miguel economy we returned to the casa to find Caitlyn, Betti’s four year old daughter, on the premises. Previously, on our two brief visits with her, we thought she was very shy. Wrong! Today she turned into a chatter box and is really enamored of having her picture taken, and then seeing the photo on the camera. After every photo she then needed to show it to me. She then really took a liking to the computer and playing with the mouse. When Mary Ann started cooking, Caitlyn became an assistant and really enjoyed pounding the grated cheese. Did you know grated cheese needed pounding? I don’t know who had more fun today, Caitlyn or Mary Ann. We are obviously are going to have to pick up some Spanish children’s books so this child has something to entertain herself with.

Quirky Living Note: In various café’s that we have been frequenting, we have found a piece of furniture that is very unique. At least I have never seen one prior to San Miguel. When you sit down the waitress brings a four foot stand that looks like a miniature hat rack. It has four turned up arms. What is it for? It is for the ladies to hang their hand bags on. Very practical, so the table remains free of such items and the lady customers (or male ones with a shoulder bag) are comfortable during their coffee or meal.

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