Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Children Of San Miguel Are Very Precious!

Friday – Week 3: What a great start to our day, when our maid Betti, brought her beautiful daughter, Caitlyn by the casa to show her in a pre-school bumble bee costume. We found out that the entire city pre-school and kindergarten children were today dressing up as exotic spring creatures, and having a parade through the city for the Annual Spring procession. Although we missed the parade (darn-it) we saw a lot of the little gremlins though-out the city walking with their mothers. What a delight!

On the continuing saga of the parking lot, and our trying to get the long term deal, yesterday when we left for the road trip to Guanajuato, our license plate number was not on the In/Out list. Mary Ann, in her inimitable style and persuasiveness talked our way out of the lot without another payment. Today our first and major project was to return to the lot and get it all straight with the oficina. These little domestic problems just drive me nuts, so ‘Mary Ann the navigator’ confronted the office staff (while I sat in a park and read a book) and came away with a payment receipt showing parking good until May 9. Now, at least, we have some documentation to show the kid at the gate when we head out on our explorations.

Our exploration today was to an Art & Design Center at the north end of town in a district we had not yet visited. The center is called Fabrica La Aurora and is a former fabric manufacturing plant that closed in 1991, due to difficulties with the free trade agreements. At the time of its closing it had 300 employees and was the largest employer in San Miguel. It is now resurrected as artist workshops, restaurants, and galleries all mixed in with all the old manufacturing equipment. It is very well done and we saw a piece of art or two that may end up in Chelan. They have an excellent website that you might want to browse through for a few moments:

We walked back into the centro district and picked up a lot of silk and paper flowers. Mary Ann seems to think that although the fresh flowers are nice, they just are not lasting long enough. This should solve the problem.

We had lunch at Hecho en Mexico, a very nice spot near the Instituto. Having eaten a lot of Mexican food lately, we went totally gringo bizerk, with Mary Ann’s Reuben sandwich and my cheeseburger. We then made the 14 mile walk up the mountain to collapse, and spent some time working on the blog and Mary Ann organized her photo collection.

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