Monday, March 12, 2007

Maybe this Map of San Miguel will help with my writings!

El Centro" of San Miguel de Allende, is otherwise known as the Districto Historico. It's often easiest to orient yourself from the Jardín, San Miguel's central square, next to the Parroquia. From there, San Francisco and Correo run up the hill to the right on the map, while their extensions Canal and Umarán run down the hill to the left on the map. At right angles to these, Cuna de Allende (whcih becomes Aldama after one block) and Solano lead you to the Parque Juaréz, while Hidalgo and Relój on the other side lead down to the Biblioteca Publica and on to the Mercado.

Like most Mexican cities, street names are usually on the corners of buildings. Ignore the numerous "Manzana" labels. They are left over from a time when the city blocks, or manzanas, were numbered and labeled.

Our casa (Casa Tranquilidad) is to the right on the map from the Jardin, on Correo up to where it changes to Santo Domingo. The street showing to the right (down the map), marked as Pedro Vargas, is actually our street, although it is known as Salida y Queretaro 8, further down the map. A larger and clearer copy of the map can be seen at the following website:

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