Friday, January 23, 2009

The NFL Conference Championships

Sometime you just have to set your priorities and stick with them. That includes just sitting down and watching 7 hours of football, even though you are in a foreign country, and supposed to be soaking up all the culture. I figure that there will be a payback and it will come soon!

As we are in the Eastern Time Zone the games come on pretty late in the day. We thus do some serious walking heading north on via Argentina until it dead ends at the University of Panama. Sunday is interesting as there is a lot less traffic. We do see a lot of people in the restaurants for breakfast or brunch. You would expect our neighborhood park to be a busy place, but it was much quieter than normal, in fact nearly empty. I don’t know what the locals did with all those children and dogs all day.

Our neighborhood is very densely inhabited, both with the high rises like our condo, but also with the normal three or four story buildings which have businesses or restaurants on the ground floors and apartments on the upper floors. The urban village is certainly much busier, no matter the time of day, than Webster Avenue in Chelan, Washington.

Now I really could not get Mary Ann interested in the football games. She seemed to need a long nap and to read books all day. I was able to beg for food and appropriately received the sustenance of hot dogs and diet coke. What a woman!

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