Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Camera & the Haircut

Today, to the relief of Mary Ann, we returned the car back into Hertz, no worse for wear. She was so excited that she was still alive, and in one piece, that she started shopping for a new camera. Actually she had been thinking about it because of some spots showing up on her Sony Cybershot photos, that were not because of something on the outside of the lens. Surprise! She found a new Sony with increased zoom, new features, and which used the same battery and photo card as her old one. She explained that this made it a good deal as it saved lots of bucks. Who am I to question the logic of a woman spending $200?

Oh, by the way, a couple of nights ago Mary Ann was cooking dinner for us in the condo. She was frying some bacon and managed to set off the smoke alarm. At that point we cleverly found how to turn on the vent above the stove, open the kitchen window, open the door to the deck, and have me standing on a chair fanning the smoke alarm. Fortunately, it turned off and no fire trucks arrived. Usually, these types of events are my fault, but I escaped the blame on this one. Unfortunately, she is now claiming it is just too hard to cook dinner in this kitchen so we need to go out to dinner every day. Geez!

For those who are long term readers of my blog, from Mexico and New Zealand, there always comes a time when I am brow beaten into getting a haircut in a foreign country. You would think with the length of my hair this would not be necessary, but it does seem to grow in a bit funny and I start to look like one of the guys from the Dilbert comic strip. Well, today was the day. Now, selecting a barber shop is a big deal, as there seem to be hundreds of places in El Cangrejo to be styled! You might remember my embarrassment of being dragged into that salon in El Paso.

On one of our walks I spotted a large real man’s barber shop that would work just fine. I had a very experienced older barber (probably older than me) who knew just what I needed. The first conversation was whether I wanted numero uno or dos. Can you believe it, barbers world wide understand how close to cut your hair! In addition to the cut, here you get your head washed and in my case probably polished. Amazingly, it cost about the same as in Chelan.

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