Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Lazy Day

Views from our Condo

Following marathon days, like the tour day, we often seem to need to sort of catch our breath. We do however need to seriously stock the condo with food in order to avoid starvation. You know, we could just be wasting away! The stop on the first evening at the mini mart, up via Argentina, was just not going to cut it. Thus we grab all the grocery bags and head for the Rey Super Mercado on Via Espana.

We then do some serious grocery shopping, mostly to cover breakfast and lunch, as Mary Ann really likes to avoid cooking with limited utensils, and she enjoys eating out (maybe me too). We learn when checking out that they are really sensitive about U.S. $50 bills. You show I.D., they write down numbers from the bills, and the numbers from the I.D., have you sign stuff and ask you (I think that this is what they asked, but it was in Spanish and I may have been confused) to pledge your first born child (sorry Katy).

Next we play pack mule back to the condo. Where is Carol Cooper with her back pack when you need her? After collapsing after this two hour work session, I retreat into a two hour nap. Isn’t this what a vacation is all about? For dinner we decide, rather than the hot dogs from the Rey, to go to the corner restaurant which is the icon for where to turn for our street. This is the El Prado and if we had not eaten there on the open deck, it would be un-Panamanian. I ordered a filet mignon, which might be a little suspicious at $12.95. It was however tender, tasty, and covered with mushrooms. Mary Ann had a shrimp omelet which was more like a frittata. All very tasty, including drinking the Panama (brand) beer.

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