Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dr. Mora? Is that a real name of a town?

Monday & Tuesday – Week 5: Now that school is out for Holy Week, there are a lot of kids about, and not nearly so many adult events seem to be scheduled. A walk to Parque Juarez this morning revealed a basketball camp for several ages of both boys and girls. Who knows who is sponsoring Tigres 2007? Early this morning about 3 a.m. we were abruptly awakened by thunder and lightening which seemed to be right on top of us. There was a little rain, judging by the steps, but not much. Things being a bit quiet today, Mary Ann and I sat for a time in the park, and then moved on to the Jardin. The pantry seemed a bit empty last night, so we did some grocery shopping. Wow, what a task filled day.

We planned a road trip for Tuesday. Off to what is touted as a ghost town. The name of this place about an hour to the northeast is Mineral de Pozos. The route towards the main route to San Luis Potosi was a new one for us and is through some very nice farming areas. It looked very prosperous, with some large scale farmers. We had not been on that road yet, so we have only one road out of San Miguel to go, and we will have covered them all. What was really cool was that the signs on the road are to a town called Dr. Mora. Now what kind of town has a name like so goofy. We actually went into Dr. Mora, and it seemed to be a decent sized farming centered town. They had closed the main road into the downtown for their market day so we did not get to see in all.

So what about Pozos? The pavement ends and the whole town had streets of very rough cobble stones. Poor Katy’s car is having a rough time. There were a lot of ruined buildings and not very much of anything happening. It did not tempt us to even get out of the car. So much for Pozos.

Quirky Living Note: My reading of Atención newspaper has shown that there really is not much crime in San Miguel. They list the type of offenses for the past week and it is pretty paltry by U.S. standards. They do, however, omit the reasons for many arrests. Probably the city administration does not want to alarm the gringos, or affect the tourist trade. There is however quite a police presence. There is the tourist police, the traffic police, the state police, and the federal police. Lots of police cars and pickups out and about, and even bike police, and walking patrols, mostly for traffic in the downtown. The policemen I like most though, are the horse patrols, all dressed up in what look like Mexican colonial uniforms. Now that is definitely something the local tourist office probably asked for. Now that I think about it, the tourist office is right next to the police station on one side of the Jardin!

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