Sunday, April 8, 2007

Casa Tranquilidad Home Tour - Part 2

Moving from the kitchen, or the glass doors from the dining room entry, you start up outside stairs in a wonderfully sunlit area, full of plants and decorative architecture. The colors in this space are a soft green and bright yellow. In my opinion this may be the most satisfyingly designed space in the casa. The stairs have a left turn at a landing, and you then arrive at the main patio. This patio is surrounded by a wall keeping the noise of the city at bay, but seems to have sun all day. The space is filled with flowers, cacti, and a tiled table with umbrella. The patio is situated above the casa entry way, and contains glass bricks allowing sunshine into the entry. At the back of the patio, away from the street is the guest suite.

The guest suite is not quite as bright in color, but has a wonderful red bathroom with a floral tile motif. What is surprising in the bathrooms is a combination of colors divided about waist high. The guest suite has a walk-in shower. The bedroom has a wood beam ceiling, a fireplace, ceiling fan, double bed and a single bed, so it could handle a group of three. There is a nice big chair in the room so you could rest or read comfortably. It also contains a large walk in closet for the storage of both clothes and suitcases. Now up to the master suite.

You just can’t miss the steps to the top floor, bright yellow color with inlaid diamond red accent. Outside of the master suite there is a smaller patio that is enclosed with glass that can be opened light sliding glass windows on three sides. There is a two person patio table and chairs and the most gorgeous view of the city that you could imagine. The view is straight at the La Parroquia church and the centro historic district. The Casa faces west and the evening sunsets are often breathtaking. Our view, because of the location on the side of the hill, overlooks all of the adjacent buildings. The bedroom has glass double doors and floor to ceiling windows, permitting you, if you wish, to have a full view of the city while lying in the bed. The room has a king size bed, soft overstuffed chair, fireplace, desk, boveda ceiling with a skylight and ceiling fan. We have a lot of built-in storage and cupboards in the bathroom ante-room and a full size dresser. The bathroom is an orange/gold with bird design accent tiles throughout the room and shower/bath. In the bathroom there is a boveda ceiling and in the tub/shower there is a skylight.

My description of the casa has left out one very important factor. It is decorated with some very nice artwork and art objects. It is a visual surprise, as every day, in every room and space, you see something you had not noticed before. The owners have excellent taste in Mexican and colonial art objects. In addition Mary Ann has given them her ultimate complement, as it is all hung and placed at the proper height. There would have been serious trouble if the art work was all too high!

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