Thursday, April 28, 2011

Author's Note

Recently, I had a couple of travel friends comment that I had not been writing on nor updating my blog. They were certainly correct as I had not added anything, nor written anything on the blog since 2009. When I went back into the blog, it took me some time to even remember how to write on and navigate the blog.

It has been my intention for some time to put all of my travel articles on to the blog, so anyone could have access to them, and print them off as needed if traveling to somewhere I have written about. Other than on my computer, they have been scattered if published. Some were published by the American Bar Association Judicial Division, some by the ABA Senior Lawyers Division, some by The Good Life magazine, and nearly all by the Chelan County (Washington) Employee newsletter.

So I have posted all 55 (as of this writing) articles on the blog, all appearing now under the 2011 date on the right side. As I write new articles (two are in the thought process) I will add them to the blog at the same time that I distribute them to all my travel friends.

If you are interested in my in depth daily blogs from our past long visits to various countries, just click on the past years:
                Panama - 2009
                New Zealand - 2008
                San Miguel de Allende & Mexico - 2007

All of my "Time Off The Bench" and "A Lot of Time Off The Bench" articles have been copyrighted at one time or the other. Please feel free to print any of them for personal use. If anyone would like to publish an article, please contact me for permission which I can assure you will be freely given. Enjoy your travels. Judge Tom Warren


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