Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, no! Are we running out of books?

When we travel for any length of time our suit cases are always about 1/3 full of books. I get in the most trouble if I dare take along a hardback book. You have to worry about the weight you know, but don’t worry about all those changes of clothes! Mary Ann is a voracious reader, in lieu of being a gambler or wild late night dance club fan. My vice instead, is the internet and travel writing, which requires the carrying of a laptop.

Back to the book problem. When you are going through, on average, a book a day you do not want to have a crisis like running out of books. For this trip to Panama, that requires a whopping 30 books just for Mary Ann, and four or five for me. Now, Mall Boyd left three books, but you just cannot have enough back-ups. My goodness, we might have to talk to each other all of the time. Curses!

As a dutiful husband and travel researcher, I was able to find a very nice independent Panama City bookstore that included a fairly large English language section. The good news was that the ExedraBooks was within walking distance of our condo, at the corner of Via Espana and Avenue Brazil. http://www.exedrabooks.com/ Whew, we found a couple of mysteries so we might make it back home!

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