Friday, February 29, 2008

Back to the Car and up the Mountain!

Mary Ann at the top of Mt. Victoria

Beach & Oriental Parade

Well, it has been a couple of days since we have driven our little Mazda anywhere. It must have been feeling neglected in our parking garage. The windows of our apartment have the view of Mount Victoria. We have been told that it is a must event to go up to the Mt. Victoria Lookout. There is a very nice vertical trail or you can drive there. Hmmm, which option should we take?

We drove out of downtown on the harbor drive, which is called the Oriental Parade. The road, paralleled by a well used pedestrian and bike path, looks north over the harbor and downtown Wellington. The “Parade” is also the long way to drive to the airport. The short way is through a tunnel under Mount Victoria. We covered the highway all the way past the airport and on to the very south end of the island. There are lots of beach cabins along the road which look like weekend getaways for Wellington residents.

On the way back we found the backside curvy road to the Lookout. Darn, we must have been on the wrong side to take the trail. The road goes up, up and more up, but when you get there it is truly a spectacular view in all directions. The photos with this posting give you an idea of just how beautiful this city is. Now let’s see…water, mountains, sun, beautiful waterfront, and gorgeous view points on each side of the city…makes the capital city a very incredible place and one you have to visit sometime.

Now back at the ranch, oops I mean the apartment, an amazing event happened. Mary Ann had done the laundry this morning and our equipment does not seem to dry shirts without wrinkles. She actually found and recognized an ironing board and iron. Fortunately, she has all my shirts ironed before she reads this. She does on occasion retaliate!

Quirky Living Note: There is a free weekly current events newspaper called the Capital Times. A couple of pages highlight the social scene with photos. Several of the photos showed well dressed ladies and their accompanying “suits.” The caption is priceless: Lawyers, academics, judges, and politicians gathered for a chinwag and a glass of bubbly at Parliament….

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